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Anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and fatigue plague our modern-day world. It can be such a delicate balance trying to remain stress-free, happy, stay awake, and get a good night's rest!

At Acupuncture RI, Dr. Ryan is aware of how complex these issues can be and works with her patient to alleviate all of the above through a variety of approaches. Of course she uses acupuncture as one of the primary tools in helping her patients, but she wants to ensure that acupuncture is not the only thing that is keeping her patients sleeping at night and feeling energized and stress-free by day. So, Dr. Ryan reviews lifestyle and nutritional patterns to ensure that these are not contributing to the issues at hand.

Dr. Ryan works initially by encouraging the patient to remove possible offending agents in diet or lifestyle (if possible), and then, if necessary, she might recommend Chinese Herbs or the addition of simple supplements from the nearest health food store to give lasting results without a dependency on weekly acupuncture visits.

Every individual is very unique in their constitution and habits, and so the patient and Dr. Ryan will work together closely and come up with an individualized plan in order to achieve a life that is relatively stress-free and balanced!

Everyone can benefit from a stress management acupuncture program. Find out if acupuncture is right for you by giving me a call! I would love to help you to feel less stressed and more energetic in your daily life!

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